Shows clickable text for user navigation. The Link component works exactly like the native a element, except for a few additional props for customization.


Use by importing the Link component from @avocado-ui/react.

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The Link component comes in 4 basic types - default, solid, outline, and ghost. You can use any one of them by passing their values into the type prop.

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The shape prop in Link works like that of the Button component and can take in 3 basic shape types - square, curve and round.

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The Link component comes in 3 basic sizes - sm, md and lg. You can pass any of these to the size prop and the Link component will adjust accordingly.

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It's very common to pair the Link component with icons. You can do this with the prefixIcon and suffixIcon prop. You'll have to set this to a React.ReactNode component, but it's more advisable to use an icon. Here's it working with feather icons.

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Props Table

sizesize of Linksm, md, lgmd
shapeshape of Linksquare, round, curvedefault
typetype of Link componentdefault, ghost, outline, solidcurve
prefixIconicon to the left of Link componentReactNode-
suffixIconicon to the right of Link componentReactNode-